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  • Q Do you offer wholesale rates?

    A Yes, depending on your quantities, we offer private label and wholesale discounts. For more information please contact us via e-mail: jaysun@shfeiyan.net or nora@shfeiyan.net.
  • Q Can I mix 2 colors to create a custom color?

    A Absolutely. However, please keep in mind mixing two colorshifts or two interference pigments can cause the colors to cancel out. We strongly suggest doing small scale testing if you want to mix two colors.
  • Q What’s color do you sell most ?

    A We sell the most color is titanium dioxide, then is iron oxide red .
  • Q What is your MOQ or minimum order quantity?

    A Our MOQ is 1kilogram.
  • Q What is your trade capacity?

    A Our trade capacity depends on color and availability of raw materials, but for most colors we can easily produce 500 tons per week.
  • Q What can I use your pigments in?

    A Almost anything! Here is just a fraction of the industries we serve: Coatings, Paints, Masterbatch pigmentation, Paver brisks,Asphalt,Fertilizer, Plastic and rubber manufacturing, leather manufacturing,and much, much more.
  • Q Where is FEIYAN Pigments Located?

    A We are headquartered in the city of Chuzhou, Anhui province, China.
  • Q Do you have stock of all of your products?

    A Yes, with a few exceptions, everything we have on our website is in stock and will ship out same or next business day.
  • Q Do you offer samples for testing?

    A Yes we do! All samples are free within 1kg.
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